A rendering for a new version of the #ChamberofChat magic fan based virtual world called #WizardSpark #mmo


Our Company

ISO Interactive is the company that develops Wizard Spark. It is our internal virtual world and website we enjoy working on and now extending it to a more community format for all Magical Based Fans.

Our people believe in pushing the envelope by exploring new ways to convey information and provide innovative interactive experiences. The Wizard Spark was born as a testing ground for our proprietary isometric engine and quickly became an overnight success with the massive Magic based gaming and roleplaying communities. Users create their own custom avatars and adventure freely within the beautifully rendered 3D environments. They interact with others in real-time by chatting, casting spells and playing uniquely designed games.

ISO Interactive is now extending the experience by adding a blog and forum and ramping up to a full real-time 3D experience that concentrates on dueling others with spells earned and learned. This one aspect will be the one of the focused features of the future version of the Wizard Spark community.

Meet Our Team

Our team is dedicated to develop interesting magical based experiences for role playing enthusiasts. The core individuals are below. You can reach us by using the contact form on the ISO Interactive website here.
Troy Hipolito


Owner of ISO Interactive and enthusiast for the Wizard Spark endeavor

Carl Lydon

Creative Director

Loves making cool stuff and works with Troy a lot