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Every once in a while ISO Interactive interviews a particular developer, designer or agency. In this case it was based on our need to keep kids safe while communicating in realtime. We needed a better way for users to communicate quickly but safely.

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ISO Interactive was on the search for a better way to filter out chat for the numerous SmartFoxServer, Unity, Flash and HTML5 virtual world projects. Previously, we used other 3rd party tools, a standard “black list” filter, created our own functional “white list” filter and “canned chat” filter. However, it was difficult to balance safety with usability.

Chris Priebe
Founder and CEO

Interview Questions & Answers

Q.Hi Chris. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
A. Sure. I’m just a normal guy with a big vision. This vision started back in about 1999 when my brother was creating Club Penguin. We had the goal to make chat safe enough for.

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